About Caliber



Caliber Schools is re-imagining  K-12 education. We are creating a network of public K-12 charter schools in the Bay Area which will prepare our students to succeed in college and beyond.  We believe that in order to achieve this mission we must significantly redesign the traditional school model through innovative uses of staffing, scheduling, and technology.

We will offer a personalized curriculum, where each child will get the support they need when they need it. We will combine great teaching with adaptive  educational software and will make extensive use of student data to design our educational program. Our students will complete engaging multi-disciplinary projects. They will learn computer coding and computational thinking. We will have an intense focus on writing.  We will ensure that our students develop the social, emotional and other life skills they need to succeed in school, in college and beyond.

We chose Richmond, CA as our first location after meeting with many parents, educators, and community leaders there who shared our belief that Richmond was ripe for a college-preparatory K-8 school that would become a hub of innovation. Ultimately we aim to span all grade levels from K-12, serving a total of 5,000 students in two to three Bay Area communities.

Core components of our school model

  1. Exceptional Teaching Teams: We will recruit, train and develop great teachers, who will work in teams to deliver our educational program. We will devote substantial time and resources to continuous and substantive professional development.
  2. Flexible Classroom Design: Students will rotate among different types of classrooms appropriate for independent learning, small group instruction, projects, online work, etc.
  3. High Expectations: All students will leave Caliber on the path to college graduation.
  4. Personalized Learning: Personalized Learning Plans will be developed in weekly one-on-one meetings between students and their teacher-mentors. All of our students will have the same college-ready destination but will get there at their own pace and using  methods that work for them.
  5. Social and Emotional Development: Our students will learn critical life skills such as perseverance and conflict resolution through participation in  daily community circles, mindfulness practice and explicit social and emotional development programs.
  6. Continuous Improvement and Innovation:  We will use data to improve existing practices, share best practices, and design new practices.
  7. Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum: Our curriculum will be a combination of Common Core-aligned literacy and math in a blended environment, an intense writing program  and deep project-based learning modules incorporating science and social studies.
  8. Supportive School Community with Rights and Responsibilities: Our students will take care of one another through peer tutoring, family-style lunches, and diverse, cross-grade “houses” that will give students opportunities to share and receive support.
  9. Computer Coding and Computational Thinking: All students will participate in our pioneering  computer coding blocks which will teach logic, narrative, attention to detail, perseverance and collaboration and help develop the skills which will allow our students to participate in the Technology sector, the fastest growing part of the Bay Area economy. our teachers will weave the skills learned in these blocks into our entire curriculum.

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